Experiencing Architecture: Words, Designs and Buildings (FS 21)

Lecture (063-0316-21)
Organizer: Chair of Prof. Delbeke
Lecturers: S. De Jong
Time: Thursdays 12:00-1300
Location: HCI J4

Course schedule and readings:

lecture 1 (25.02.2021): Walking and Sensing the City
Louis-Sébastien Mercier, Tableau de Paris (1782-88):
excerpt 1 , excerpt 2 , excerpt 3 

lecture 2 (04.03.2021): Traversing Architectural Space
Marc-Antoine Laugier, Essai sur l’architecture  (1753)
Marc-Antoine Laugier, An essay on the study and practice of architecture  (1756) (English translation)
Julien-David Le Roy, Histoire de la disposition  (1764)

lecture 3 (11.03.2021): From Landscape Theories to Design
Thomas Whately, Observations on Modern Gardening  (1770)
Jean-Marie Morel, Théorie des Jardins  (1776)

lecture 4 (18.03.2021): Designing Movement
Julien-David Le Roy, Les ruines des plus beaux monuments de la Grèce  (1770)
Julien-David Le Roy, The Ruins of the most Beautiful Monuments of Greece  (English translation)

lecture 5 (01.04.2021): Speaking Buildings
Nicolas Le Camus de Mezières, Le génie de l'architecture  (1780)
Nicolas Le Camus de Mézières, The Genius of Architecture  (1780) (English translation)

lecture 6 (15.04.2021): Embellishing the City
Etiènne La Font de Saint Yenne, L'ombre du grand Colbert  (1752)
Etiènne La Font de Saint Yenne, Le génie du Louvre  (1756)

lecture 7 (22.04.2021): guest Lecture: Anne Hultzsch - "Separate Spheres? Women's Experiences of the Built around 1800"
Wollstonecraft, A Vindication of the Rights of Men  (1790).
Burney, Evelina, or, The History of a Young Lady's entrance into the World  (1861).

lecture 8 (29.04.2021): Improving the City
John Gwynn, London and Westminster Improved  (1766)

lecture 9 (06.05.2021): Building and City as Theatre
Marie-Joseph Peyre, Oeuvres d'Architecture  (1795)

lecture 10 (20.05.2021) Towards a Sublime Architecture
William Chambers, A treatise on the decorative part of civil architecture  (1791)