History and Theory of Architecture II (FS 20)

Lecture (052-0804-20)
Organizer: Chair of Prof. Delbeke
Lecturers: M. Delbeke
Time: Friday 13:00-15:00
Location: HIL E3

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The course explores two intertwined stories about European architecture of the period ca. 1500–1850.

The first tells how architects and theorists attempt to design and build architecture in imitation of the Ancients. This story has contributed much to how we understand today what architecture is, what an architect should know and do, and how buildings should be designed. In this tradition, architecture is determined by how it is designed and made: all objects generated by the right principles are ‘architecture.’

The second story deals with how architecture expresses cultural meaning, and is endowed with it. From its inception architecture serves to express ideas that are important for a society (or at least for its ruling classes), such as power, religious beliefs, social hierarchy, the functioning of the state, ... But various forces in society also use buildings and architecture to express particular meanings, and buildings are not necessarily understood in ways their builders or designers intended. This perspective on architecture draws attention to its context and the wide range of actors that are involved in it, as well as to the various media involved in articulating the meaning of buildings.

Materials for 21.02.2020:
Trump's Plan to Make Architecture Classical Again. 
Will the White House Order New Federal Architecture To Be Classical? 
The Case for “Making Federal Buildings Beautiful Again” 
Draft Executive Order Would Give Trump a New Target Modern Design. 
MAGA War on Architectural Diversity Weaponizes Greek Columns. 
What’s So Great About Fake Roman Temples? 
Letter in Opposition to Proposed Executive Order Making Federal Buildings Beautiful Again. 

Lecture 20200221 Classicism 

Lecture 20200228 Classicism, Taste, Interior. 

Lecture 20200313 Taste, the interior, and rococo 

Lecture 20200327 Rococo, Laugier and Piranesi 

Lecture 20200403 pt. 1: Laugier, Piranesi and the Greco-Roman debate (Maarten Delbeke) 
Lecture 20200403 pt. 2: Theory around 1800: Durand and Schinkel (Emma Letizia Jones) 

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