Rococo in southern Germany: when the baroque became Bavarian

Lecture (063-0802-20)
Organizer: Chair of Prof. Delbeke
Lecturers: M. Delbeke
Time: Thursdays 10:00-11:00
Location: HCI G 7

Note that from now on all lecture video recordings and additional teaching material will be stored in the Moodle page of the course. We will provide the pdf presentations from the lectures on this page here as well, but cannot provide recordings here.

This course will explore the rationale of an architecture often ostracized as one of make-believe magnificence, feigned piety, superfluous splendor and decorative deviance: the rococo churches of Bavaria and southern Germany. Each lecture will approach this architecture from a different angle. Will today's temperance be legitimized or rather expiated by these encounters?

2020.02.20 Blunt on Ottobeuren. 
2020.02.20 Lecture 1: Ottobeuren. 
The second lecture of 2020.02.27 continued the first
2020.03.05 Lecture 3: Networks of artisans  
2020.03.12 Lecture 4: Ticino and Wessobrunn  Further readings. 
2020.03.26 Lecture 5: Pattern books, Wessobrunn and the Rococo