Rococo in Switzerland and Southern Germany (FS 21)

Lecture (063-0802-21)
Organizer: Chair Delbeke
Lecturers: M. Delbeke
Time: Thursdays 10:00-11:00
Location: HCI G7

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25.02.2021. Introduction: Ottobeuren. 

04.03.2021. Ottobeuren and St. Gallen. 

11.03.2021. Ottobeuren and St. Gallen continued. 

01.04.2021. Solothurn. 

15.04.2021. Solothurn: the Cathedral. 

22.04.2021. Zimmermann and the Wies. 

29.04.2021. Bernhardzell and Iso Walser. 

06.05.2021 Bernhardzell, Iso Walser and Troggen.