Building Local - Printing Global, 1450-1850 (HS 20)

Wahlfacharbeit (063-0855-20)
Veranstalter: Professur Delbeke
Dozierende: Sigrid de Jong and Chair Delbeke

Fachsemester at D-Arch:

The Fachsemester is a new development at D-ARCH. It allows students to work for an entire semester on a research project and to obtain an equal amount of credits as for a design studio. It offers you the opportunity develop your research skills in the fields of the history and theory of art, architecture and urban design, and construction history. In the fall of 2020 the Fachsemester is offered by the chairs of Avermaete, Delbeke, Ursprung and Holzer.

Fachsemester HS20 im Bereich Geschichte und Theorie der Architektur (gta, Prof. Delbeke):

Subject Semester (Fachsemester) HS20 in the Field of History and Theory of Architecture (gta, Prof. Delbeke)

This History Research Studio has ‘Building Local - Printing Global 1450-1850’ as its theme. We will examine the role locality plays in architecture and architectural theory in this period. Focussing on the relationship between books and architecture, this studio explores both local architecture in Switzerland and locality in buildings in major cities as Rome, Paris and London versus the globality of early modern print culture. Students choose their own research topic within this theme. They will be trained in the tools and methods of historical research, and in writing a research paper. Weekly seminars, field trips, meetings and presentations guide towards a proficiency in academic research and writing.


The weekly meetings will be held on Tuesdays in the afternoon. Members of the chair supervise the sessions, with the first six focussed on Content and Method, the last six on Writing and Feedback. Excursions into the World of Early Modern Print Culture will provide the participants with context and background about the Printed and the Built, and focus on the treatise & the builder’s manual, the guidebook & the travelogue, the drawing & the print, the journal & the pamphlet, and the novel. More focussed sessions will zoom in on research, primary and secondary sources, questions, structure, and writing.

Dates of meetings and fieldtrips: Tuesdays 15/09; 22/09; 29/09; 6/10; 13/10; 27/10; 3/11; 10/11; 17/11; 24/11; 1/12; 8/12

Individual work: Wednesdays 16/09; 23/09; 30/09; 7/10; 14/10; 28/10; 4/11; 11/11; 18/11; 25/11; 2/12; 9/12

Student crit on Wednesday 16 December.

The deadline for handing in the research paper (60 pages) is 22 January 2021.

Announcing your interest:

Places for this Subject Semester are limited. Please send your candidacy by email (a 300 words motivation and, a 300 word statement on your topic of interest) by Friday 28 August at the latest to:

You will receive a message on your acceptance for the Fachsemester by Monday 31 August 2020.