History of Art and Architecture V: Caractère (HS 20)

Seminar (063-0313-20)
Veranstalter: Professur Delbeke
Dozierende: M. Delbeke, S. De Jong, E. Wegerhoff
Zeit: Freitag 09:00-10:00
Ort: HCI H 8.1

'Caractère' or character is not only a quality applied to human beings. It is also a category of architectural discourse, developed in the eighteenth century when architects and theorists were seeking new ways to talk about and judge buildings, pushing architectural discourse beyond Vitruvian categories to which it had been tied for centuries before. This reading class will closely examine key texts that discuss the phenomenon of a building's 'character' from the late 1600s up until today. The texts will be read at home and discussed in class together, or examined individually in a written exercise. Independent reading and vivid discussion in class make up this course’s character.

Course Syllabus. 

Session 1 (18.09.2020):
Antoine Furetière, Dictionnaire universel contenant généralement tous les mots françois, tant vieux que modernes, et les termes de toutes les sciences et des arts (1690). (Original  - Transcript )

Session 2 (25.09.2020):
Germain Boffrand, Livre d'architecture. (1745) - Original (French)  & English translation .
Jacques-François Blondel, Cours d'architecture, ou traité de la decoration, distribution & construction des bâtiments, Paris 1771-77, vol. 1. - Part 1  & Part 2. 

Session 3 (02.10.2020):
Louis Batissier - L’Artiste (1836). 
Louis-Sebastien Mercier - Tableau de Paris (1783), extract from volume 1 ; extract from volume 7 .

Session 4 (09.10.2020):
Nicolas Le Camus de Mézières - Le génie de l’architecture ; ou l’analogie de cet art avec nos sensations (1780):
- Introduction (French  / English )
- De l'Art de Plaire (French  / English )
Etienne-Louis Boullée - Essai sur l’art (ca. 1781-1793) français  English 

Session 5 (16.10.2020):
Muraltengut (1777-1782)
site visit
Untersuchungen über den Charakter der Gebäude (1788) Text  Abbildung 

Session 6 (30.10.2020):
Hirschfeld - Theorie der Gartenkunst (1779-1785) Text 
Humphry Repton - Sketches and Hints on Landscape Gardening (1795) Text 

Session 7 (06.11.2020):
John Soane - from Royal Academy Lectures on Architecture (1812-5) Text 
Johann Wolfgang von Goethe - Von deutscher Baukunst (1772) Text 

Session 8 (13.11.2020):
invited lecture:
Prof. Pascal Griener (Institut d'histoire de l'art et de muséologie Université de Neuchâtel)
‘Caractère going wild: Victor Hugo architect and romantic theory’ (lecture slides) 

Session 9 (20.11.2020):
Le Corbusier - Vers une architecture (1923) - french   / english  .
Charles Blanc - Grammaire des arts du dessin (1867) Text 

Session 10 (27.11.2020):
Heinrich Wölfflin - Prolegomena zu einer Psychologie der Architektur (1886) deutsch  englisch  complete text in english 
Josep Luis Sert/Fernand Léger/Sigfried Giedion - Nine Points on Monumentality
(1943) Text 

Session 11 (04.12.2020):
Christian Norberg-Schulz - Genius Loci (1980) Text 
Robert Venturi - Complexity and Contradiction (1962) Text