Jasper Van Parys
Curriculum vitae

Jasper Van Parys is a doctoral candidate at the Institute for the History and Theory of Architecture (gta) at the Chair of Prof. Maarten Delbeke.

He graduated from Ghent University as an architectural engineer with a master’s dissertation on aspects of 19th-century Roman catacomb archaeology, which the Royal Netherlands Archaeological Association (KNOB) awarded its biannual dissertation award in April 2019.

Jasper provided scientific support at the PriArc conference “Touring Belgium – a Nation’s Patrimony in Print” (Ghent University and ETH Zürich). He was a fellow at the Belgian Academy in Rome (Stipendium Academiae Belgicae) and an interim research assistant at Ghent University.

In his doctoral research, titled "Copying the catacombs of Rome: a history of Catholic historicism and immersive architecture (1837-1945)", Jasper studies a selection of different instances at which architectural copies of parts of the catacombs of Rome were built. These facsimiles, constructed as chapels, as ephemeral displays in Ultramontane devotional celebrations or as scientific exhibits, are situated in France, Rome, the United Kingdom, the Netherlands as well as in the USA and were realised from 1837 up to 1956. One of Jasper’s aims in studying the facsimiles is to map how the catacombs of Rome played a changing role in the theorisation of Catholic ecclesiastical architecture during this period.