Linda Stagni
Curriculum vitae

Linda Stagni is currently PhD candidate at the Institute for the History and Theory of Architecture (gta) at the Chair of Prof. Maarten Delbeke.

She studied architecture at the Politecnico di Milano and at the Universität Stuttgart, and wrote her master‘s thesis on the postwar reconstruction of the German cities Cologne and Frankfurt. 2008–2010 she collaborated with the Italian research collective Gizmo at the Politecnico as teaching assistant. In 2016, Linda completed her Master of Advanced Studies at the gta with a thesis on the Swiss art historian Joseph Gantner and his editorship for the journal Das Werk. She has since been working on Swiss architecture magazines in the interwar period as mediators of modern architecture. Linda is also interested in media that produced a taxonomy within architecture, such as the architect’s website and the architect’s monograph. She has a further interest in how typologies have been used in the Italian architectural education and discourse.

Linda has been involved in architectural writing herself, having published articles in Hochparterre (online), Gizmo, and trans, the latter of which she co-edited during 2015. She co-organized the doc talks, a series of weekly meetings that provide a platform for informal discussion and debate among peers about research topics and methods. She has worked in architectural practices in Italy and Switzerland.

(Doctoral thesis project)